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  Résumé - Renata Machado

30 years old, Brazilian, Single, No chilldren

Main Professional Occupation

Foreign Language Consultant (current occupation)

English for all levels; Portuguese for Foreigners; Trilingual Commercial Interpreter (English/Portuguese/Spanish) Rectification of Texts (English/Portuguese/ Spanish); Preparatory courses for Overseas Travel; Preparatory English Courses for College Entrance Examinations; Training for Job Interviews in English; Professional Résumés Updating; Training for Business Meetings in English; Simultaneous/Consecutive Translations (Face-to-face Meetings/ Tele-conferences); Business Escorting (Seminars, Speeches, Courses, Lectures, Meetings, Workshops, International Events); Vip Airport Greetings; Telephoning/ Mailing Support.
  • General Documents: Translation of Letters, Brochures, Handbooks, Invitations, Newsletters, Articles, E-mails, Faxes etc;
  • Technical: Translation of Manuals, Guides, Instructions, Contracts etc;
  • Sector Specific: Translation of Law, Engineering, Marketing, IT, Mining, Academic Literature, Petroleum, Aviation etc;
  • Literature: Translation of Novels, Books, Articles, Stories etc.


  • Foreign Language Consultant, over twelve-year experience in Brazil and overseas;
  • Graduated in Law at UNIVAP and received a scholarship due to exceptional academic performance;
  • Certified in "Proficiency in English" at "University of Michigan", U.S.A.
  • Certified in “Proficiency in English” at “ Edware Academy”, England;
  • Certified by the British Council in Advanced English – C.A.E., University of Cambridge, England;
  • Responsible for the Pedagogical Department at Wizard English School;
  • English Teacher and Portuguese Teacher for Foreigners since 1996 in a variety of multinational companies in Paraiba Valley and overseas;
  • Vast experience in Translations (English / Spanish / Portuguese) and as a Commercial Interpreter;
  • She has worked as an Administrative Assistant for Radisson Edwardian Hotels while abroad and transferences, investments and offshore operations for Leinster Tranfer in London;
  • She has taught Portuguese for foreigners at London Festival Hall, Waterloo – England and was responsible for the course of Portuguese for foreigners at Yázigi Internexus, SJC - Brazil;
  • Her career has started when she was eighteen years old, teaching English for children and teenagers in São José dos Campos, São Paulo – Brazil;
  • She has started to studying English when she was ten years old at FISK;
  • She has got a twenty-year dedication, practice, experience and a daily study of English Language.

Professional History