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English for All Levels (+)
Commercial Interpreter
Portuguese for Foreigners
Training for Job Interviews in English
Preparatory Courses for Overseas Travel

      It is very important to evaluate the quality of what is offered to you.

      Speaking English is essential!

      Here you learn:

  • How to think in English - the real conversations of daily routines of native speakers and avoid repeating in order to memorize some already made sentences;
  • Studying Esnglish through an exclusive methodology according to your possibilities and necessities, which is ideal for busy people!

      The boring book that is studied for about thirty minutes per page is replaced per activities of interactive and dynamic conversations in your speed and according to your time flexibility! All your doubts are explained, understood and practiced!

      Exclusive methodology using interactive and dynamic material where you learn exactly what you need to learn!

       Guaranteed results that are clearly noticed in a short time!