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      The focus of the Portuguese Classes are that foreigners learn how to communicate in Portuguese in order to avoid embarrassing daily situations at work, in restaurants, meeting people, traveling etc, and get confident in speaking a new idiom in a short time!


      According to the individual’s needs we set the program, which is our differential from other companies!

      There are many different things to be discussed and learned as:

  • Formal and Informal Portuguese styles;
  • Vocabulary to be used in a variety of different situations: at work, at home, in restaurants, in the streets etc.
  • You can learn about the History, the Culture and about the Brazilian society in a dynamic and motivating way!
  • Greetings; Days of the week and months of the year; The alphabet;
  • Grammar: Verb tenses (present, past, future), adjectives, adverbs, nouns, plural, conjunctions, pronouns etc;
  • Weather; Hobbies; Sports; Money; Animals; Shopping; Hotel; Restaurant; Supermarket; Post office; Barber Shop; Taxi; Airport, Driving; Music; Arts; Religion; Hospital; Housing; Telephoning; School; Parts of the body; Camping; Beach; etc.
  • Brazilian Food and Drink: Feijoada, Barbecue, Caipirinha, Guaraná; sweets and typical Brazilian Dishes.
  • Brazilian Music: Samba and Carnival; Brazilian Literature and Folklore.
  • Cultural aspects: “ Caipira; Sertanejo; gaucho; Caboclo; Mulato; Pantaneiro; Seringueiro; Caiçara; jangadeiro; Mestiço Oriental.
  • Business: Finding a job; Making a résumé; Job Interviews in Portuguese;
  • Techniques for Business Meetings and Presentations in Portuguese etc.

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